Bingo Game V2 :

Born out of a college project Domestic PC Solutions have decided to offer a most enjoyable and very realistic Bingo game to our customers.

Based on the conventional game, this PC version offers hours of fun and can even be used for fund raising in Pubs and Clubs.

Version 2 of this game allows for players to be kept informed of the game activity and status by way of secondary monitors. (Don't know how to do this? - just ask and we'll tell you how).

Have it for FREE to give fun to both young and old.

Checkout the pdf to see how good it is Download it Now.

Download the Game Download it Now.

Download a Ticket Generator Download it Now.

The game is designed to run in any version of Microsoft Excel and will require Macros to be enabled. If you don't know how to do this send me an email and I'll explain how to do it.

have some fun for FREE - Contact Us if you have problems getting things working.